U12 EASTER BUNNIES PINZOLO ICE CUP 2019 - Memorial Aldo Corradini
Ice Hockey - Coed




Time and venue:
The tournament will be taking place in Pinzolo’s ice rink on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019.


Teams taking part
The tournament will be expecting 11teams “Under 12” (only players born in 2007 and 2008 and 3 players born in 2006 may participate; female players born in 2005 and 2006 are also admitted).


Teams composition
Each team will be composed of minimum 10 players and 2 goalkeepers. Players will have to be regularly enrolled in an official team and in possession of a valid medical certificate that proves fit to partake in sport activity.
Before the start of the tournament it is required to provide the organizing committee proof of membership and copies of identification documents of all athletes.
Each player will be required to wear protective equipment as required by Italian Hockey rules. It is obligatory to wear a neck guard.



  • Standard icerink
  • 5 minute warm-up on ice
  • Game: 3 periods of 12 minutes each
  • 2 minute intermissionsbetweeneachperiod
  • IIHF Hockey rules applied


  • Qualifying phase
    Two “round-robin tournament” rounds of 5 teams (group A) and 6 teams (group B)
  • Playout 9-11th place

2nd round direct elimination between teams ranked 5th and 6th place at the end of the two qualifying rounds. The first game between 5th place in Group A and 6th place in Group B. The losing team ranks 11th. The winning team faces the 5th place in Group B for the 9th-10th place finish.






9-10th place game

5A – 6B






W 5A-6B - 5B




Loser 11th place







  • Finals

Direct matches based on the results of the qualifying phase.




7-8th place game


4A – 4B

5-6th place game


3A – 3B

3rd place game


2A – 2B



1A – 1B



Qualifying phase

  • At the end of each match, 3 points will be rewarded to the winning team, 0 points to the losing team. If the match finishes as a draw, 1 point will be rewarded to each team and a penalty shot (one penalty shot each team) will be used to identify the winner. If the teams keep drawing, the penalty shootout will continue until a winner is identified. After the penalty shootout, 1 more point will be rewarded to the winning team (total amount of two points).
  • In case of a draw between two teams at the end of the qualifying phase and the semifinals, team’s position will be determined based on:
    • results of direct match
    • difference in goals
    • goals scored
    • goals conceded
    • random selection

Playout and finals

  • if the match finishes as a draw, 3 penalty shot will ensue to determine the winner;
  • if the teams are keeping draw, the penalty shot will continue;
  • the players doing the all-out shootouts can be the same of the 3 penalty shot series.


  • Penalties: 1-2-3 min
  • Game Misconduct Penalty – next match automatic disqualification
  • Match Penalty – tournament automatic disqualification


“Skill Competition”
At the end of Saturday’s matches, a skill competition will take place. Each team’s coach will select 3 players to take part in the skill competition. The competitions are:

  • short track;
  • slalom with puck;
  • shot precision.


Refereeing, timing, first aid
Matches will be supervised by official referees from the Czech Ice Hockey Association.
Timing will be held by the organizing society. During the tournament no medical staff will be present.
In case of injuries or first aid, Trentino Emergenze (alerted in advance by the organization) will be immediately called.

ASD HC VALRENDENA and HOCKEY BUNNIES, the organizing companies, will reserve to change the current regulations till the beginning of the tournament. The organizing companies denies all responsibility in case of injuries or damage to people or things that may happen during the whole length of the tournament, including off-ice.